Love Spell

Love Spell


Fragrant botanical compositions based on your Venus sign, placement and planetary alignments! Housed in 10ml amber glass atomizer. 

Venus is the high courtesan of Love . Where your Venus resides shows us how we long to be loved, what we need to feel valued, what we value, how we attract and magnetize what our hearts truly desire. This corresponds to specific scents and botanicals. Get a customized blend to rebalance, heal, and accentuate the love goddess within you. Comes complete with a description of the ingredients and directions of use.

This spells LOVE

Reviews ***

"Oh the scent is so divine, sexy & lavish 💞 wealth, faith, abundance releasing my shadow side, opening my heart to the true need of my soul... Love! You're brilliant! And I am getting out of my story, my old wounds, broken heart & open to the new! I am grateful for you, your wisdom & knowledge!! "  Valerie Giarusso, Feng Shui Consultant

"I received the oils and balm, I'm in heaven. I love all of them. I actually like to blend all of them together. It was so much fun too after work opening them and glitter going everywhere. What an experience!! Thank you so much Ms.Pierre. You are so talented. I really find the scents as a stress reliever, I have a feeling these will go quickly. Thank you again." - L.A.