Mars Retrovention

Mars Retrovention


The force awakens in YOU

Mars is the planet of action.

It is the "force" within you, the "I am" presence which motivates and wills you toward your hearts desire.

We can compare this to the engine of a car.

Mars= Men so it is also about your relationships with men and your own inner masculine. What I'm offering is a short and sweet cheerleader type MP3 on how to access your own Mars Mojo. Every mans gotta have his cheerleader right, lol?

*You will know where your personal Mars is by sign, house, and the connections he makes with other planets in your chart. As well delineate the upcoming Mars Retrograde where the cycle began, where it climaxes, and how to generate a game plan.

What YOUR strengths are

What pisses you off (we need to know this because when Mars goes aggro, frustration, grudges, obsessions, fights can be the side effect) and we don't want any of that do we! We want to avoid unnecessary battles and wounds.

*You will have the EDGE when it comes to working your mars

Mars has got to be used.....if you leave him to just do whatever, it's like a ticking time bomb...

high-blood pressure, headaches, stiff-neck and shoulders, body pains are also possible side-effects.

*Find out what the men in your life are showing you about your own inner warrior vibe.

In Person Skype Consult 45mins.

Be still and know that I AM God