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A flamboyant jetsetter/philosopher's ticket to MO’ freedom. 

Let's do this. It's time. 

*Liberate sexual and relational autonomy like a wild stallion

*Heal yourself from emotional and sexual abuse/ trauma

*Give yourself permission to feel pleasure

*Find your voice to share and offer healing for others

*Activate hidden raw instinctual feminine power & courage

*Access your own primal tigress strength of intuition/instincts

*Employ your fiercest mojo on tour and center stage

*Speak your wildest truth YET

*Are you a spiritual light crusader BUT still scared of your own shadows?

Then let Lilith teach you to dance o:

Got your attention yet? - Ready to go on this journey?


Bitch Please

Still a bit skeptical?

Let's start with who Lilith is.

She is the original bitch goddess, self empowered femme fatale. Tap her influence when you want healing for sexual traumas, dis-empowered relationships, control issues, manipulations, abuse, money issues, inequality in the workplace, unfulfilling sex life, and overall shadowy dark places of the psyche. She rules the dark moon phase that is fertile with potential. Think onyx black soil just waiting to be used for self actualization and growth.

And in Sagittarius now for a full gestation cycle of 9 months means:

It's time to ride that mystical centaur (half mind, half animal self) & welcome the

Burlesque DANCER Par excellence.

She is AKA: The Handmaiden of Ishtar/Sexual priestess: Lady Mars (Mystic Medusa), Exiled First Wife of Adam, Forbidden Fruit, Snake Goddess. 4 astrological points, Dark Moon, Black Moon, Asteroid Lilith, fixed Star Algol which is a binary star and the blinking eye of Medusa known to the Hebrews as Lilith. 


The options,  Cuz a girls gotta have em’:


1.) An astrological reading of your Lilith placements

 ALL of them. Because just one doesn't tell the whole story. Plus where she's lodgin' it for the next 9 months in Sagitarrius. 

Once you know where she’s been hiding in you, watch out! You will unleash your potential to tap into your own mega feminine power and strength - taking you from the gutter to the penthouse in 60 seconds flat.

The reading is stocked full with scents, fashion, style, herbal tonics, and gemstone prescriptions to help you channel your inner Burlesque Rock Star. Plus a secret "Woman on Top" playlist to invoke your full on magic. 


2.) A Feng Shui Your Va-jay & Wallet Itinerary

In Chinese medicine the womb is known as the Elixir Field/ lower dan-tien.  It’s located about a hands breadth below the umbilicus. You may have heard of it.

It’s known as the bank and is similar to a car battery. It’s where we store our jing/essence life force.

Feng Shui is the ancient art of energy placement. When you start shifting around thangs, specifically with your wallet and vagina.…magic happens. Lilith knows all the best tips and tricks to transform your wallet into a money magnet and your kitty for that matter! MEOW.


3. The goods: Yoni Steam & Lilith Electric Moon Juice


What is a Yoni Steam?

Quick version: Yoni is the sanskrit for sacred space. Herbal Steam goes up in to your vajay-jay.  6 different formulas are available according to what needs to be rebalanced to keep your feminine parts glowing gorgeous. 

The Yoni Steams will support, cleanse and recharge your elixir field. Bringing you into a deeper awareness of what you desire, why you desire and how to attract more love and abundance into your sacred space aka Yoni. For more info on the Yoni Steams click here.


The Lilith Electric Moon Juice

The scent is a lush Oriental with notes of moonlit tuberose, exotic pink champaca and Artemisia Mugwort (the Absynth version). I'm not gonna lie this scent in NOT for everyone. It is hella strong, witchy and downright naughty. Not for the faint unless you want a boot camp lesson in how to get bent.

TOP:  Black Pepper, Smoke, 

HEART: Tuberose, Pink Champaca, Davana, Wicked Apple,

BASE: Botanical Musk, Woods, Patchouli, Indian Attars of Champa & Midnight Jasmine

Brings awareness, strength, increases the receptivity and capacity to hold our jing essence and accumulate and nourish. Along with the yoni steam formulation they both contain herbs and essences that will replenish & basically create a stronger “piggy bank” so you don’t leak your energy or allow others to drain you of it. This will catalyze what you already have further energizing and expanding your resources.

All my products are 100% natural & botanical, mostly organic essential oils and absolutes blended into organic undenatured alcohol or jojoba oil.  No synths whatsoever, EVER.


The Whole Package: Complete Travel Package

Exactly what it sounds like.

Everything. The Reading of all your natal Lilith placements, even her journey in Sagitarrius, the perfume (4ml), yoni steam & Feng Shui Your Vajay & Wallet Itinerary. Bon Voyage!



"Wow, this is amazing! Thank you for sharing all of this beautiful knowledge with me. I can't wait to see where it takes me. "- J.B

"Please send me a big bottle of Lilith to purchase! I love it!" - Feng Shui Consultant Valerie Lombardi

"Every so often you come across a practitioner that stuns you with the power and beauty of their work. If you need to reignite your feminine flame, heal trauma and energetic wounds in your sacred sex, or need a helping hand in learning how to dance again, it's time to indulge in the Empress & Eros Boudoir Shop. The custom Yoni steams and perfumes are intoxicating." - Jacquelyn Tierney.