Circe Perfume

Circe Perfume

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Lush notes, heady with fresh floral Mimosa infuse a heart of Pink Champaca, Exotic Tuberose trailing precious sandalwood, botanical musk and powdery Iris.

Circe translates as She-Falcon, a bird of prey with incredibly keen vision. Other associations of her name are the sun, circle, spinner, weaver of destiny, circus. She really knows how to put on a show! Her magical powers were using knots and braids in her hair and natural materials as enchantments. She was skilled in pharmacopia to make love potions. Isle of Aeaea was a funerary shrine to her where she tamed beasts. Physical love, sorcery, enchantments, procognitive dreams, cauldrons & necromancy, magnetism, radiance, fame. 

She is Asteroid 34. The discovery chart features a 2 of spades in the destiny card system of which is shared by Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, & Audrey Hepburn!!! #divastatus

I'll put a spell on you...