The Karma Report

The Karma Report



An incredibly laser focused reading detailing Saturn, the cosmic task master's journey through your chart.

Where we have Saturn in our chart is where we learn and reap the lessons of karma both "good and bad." Saturn transits are notorious for being majorly challenging. Which is why it is wise to look at Saturn first, as he represents THE foundation we need for protection and stability if we are to stand for or build anything enduring in our lives. He also represents our career path. We need a steely eye accompanied by visionary practicality.

You can't escape Saturn. You can try but, you'll end up falling flat on your face in the process and wish you had heeded the warning in the first place. Saturn moves in 7 year cycles. Every 7 years we come to a crossroads or what I like to call checkpoints to gauge where we are at in our maturity and wisdom.

Saturn says "Whatever you can measure you can manange."

Saturn brings focus, discipline to form a solid foundation and platform upon which to stand tall upon.

This cosmic report card is a step-by-step coaching session, outlining and goal setting for the next 12 months. We will look at where Saturn has been in your chart for the past year, where you have Saturn natally (where the planet was at the time of your birth), what you've accomplished thus far and what is still left to complete to build your castle here on earth.

Remedial therapies to support you through Saturn's transit will be included.

60 minute consult session complete with detailed email report of findings & a recorded MP3 of session.

Excellent for Saturn Returns, Transits or those with heavy Saturn, Capricorn or Aquarius dominant charts.

Whatever I can measure, I can manage!