Lilith aka Electric Moon Juice

Lilith aka Electric Moon Juice

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TOP:  Black Pepper, Smoke, 

HEART: Tuberose, Pink Champaca, Davana, Wicked Apple,

BASE: Botanical Musk, Woods, Patchouli, Champa Attar 

We all have a dark and primal force of creative potential lurking in the shadows of our psyche. Her name is Lilith. She is the part of you that is highly erotic, wild and free, and many times wounded or repressed for fear of the responsibilies that come with power and a society that has shunned the feminine. She has been called the “Lady Mars” by infamous MysticMedusa and is an invaluable asset and force to call upon when faced with daunting challenges, highly astute goals and aspirations for the wholeness of being. Reawaken, heal and cultivate your instinctive self with a fragrance blessed for phoenix action and dangerous pleasures.

**Warning: Fluid may stain clothing. Best applied to skin and then allowed to dry first. Or wear away from clothing.

Bitch Please

The scent is a lush Oriental with notes of moonlit tuberose, exotic pink champaca and Artemisia Mugwort (the Absynth version). I'm not gonna lie this scent in NOT for everyone. It is hella strong, witchy and downright naughty. Not for the faint unless you want a boot camp lesson in how to get bent.


INGREDIENTS100% Botanical essential oils & absolutes in undenatured organic alcohol or jojoba oil (your preference) no synths whatsoever EVER.