Empress Perfume

Empress Perfume

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Empress is a botanical scent composed for Taurus. Chocolate woods, sheer luxurious notes of Turkish rose, indolic jasmine, cardamom aka the Fire of Venus exalts a heart of ylang ylang, while honey and cacao linger at your root.

The Empress is an archetype of Venus, La Femme Divine incarnate. She’s making her shit happen, especially when it comes to the material world of sensual pleasures, wealth, body and soul. She knows her worth and is a welcome ally in any tarot spread or adorned on your skin.

This scent is best worn “ Where you want to be kissed” a la Coco Chanel.

Use in all your rituals for wealth, sex, beauty, Taurus & Libra New & Full Moons & Venus Returns.

Scent Family: Gourmand Floral

Healing Vibes: Fairy Rose, Honeysuckle, & Chicory Flower Essence serve to connect your heart more intimately with the devic realm opening up new pathways of giving and receiving unconditional love and fairy kisses. Assists in releasing stagnant patterns of relating that are not in alignment with your current values.

Eau my Empress!