Yoni Steams Persephone's Secret Yindulgences

Yoni Steams Persephone's Secret Yindulgences


Persephone is the Greek goddess and Queen of the Underworld.

Are you in need of some "Lip Service?"

  Rebalance, revitalize and rejuvenate your sacred space.

A system of reproductive and sexual wellness products based on ancient classical herbal medicine used for thousands of years successfully by indigenous as well as cultured women worldwide. The delivery system is called vaginal steaming.

Make me steam!

Enjoy this amazing way to nurture your beautiful yonis (ancient sanskrit word meaning "sacred space" that refers to the vagina), keeping them fresh, vibrant and juicy delicious. Steaming of this area is an ancient practice used for optimal health and helps to restore any less than desirable complaints in this very special area such as irregular and/or painful menstruation, infertility, looseness or prolapse of feminine organs, vaginal dryness, infection, discharge, fatigue, hemorrhoids, etc....

These secret herbal formulas have been graciously passed on to us so that we may heal and nurture our yonis.

Our "yin" parts are the seat of our creativity and life force, watch how this ritual pleasure transforms your life in ways we all dream of.


To use:

Infuse 1 tea bag in a gallon of water, bring to a boil and let boil for 10 minutes. Place your "cauldron" under a slatted chair or one specially created to allow the steam through the seat, preferably one of natural materials. You can also sit at the edge of the chair as long as you are comfortable and secure and spread your legs wide with feet firmly on the ground. Now, make sure the steam is not too hot and then you can sit for 15-20 minutes making sure to keep your body covered with a thick towel or fabric from the waist down and over your “cauldron” so that the steam reaches up into the va-jay-jay. Enjoy. For more instruction please enjoy this video.


TO choose your selection see descriptions of each formula and match your tongue as best you can to the description (use a mirror in full daylight)


Please don't hesitate to message me should you need help with selecting the most appropriate formula or should a custom formula be most needed. We have formulas for all conditions. Here is a brief description so you don't have to read through every one and scroll down to that one for a full explanation of indications.


Yang--adds more fire and heat to the system

Yin-to add more water and cooling lubrication to the system

Blood Moving- clears pain, trauma, aging

Inflammation- clears excess and damaging anger/heat in the system, long standing resentments

Fluid Congestion- moves stagnation, a sense of heaviness and burden, cloudy thinking and weight gain

Blood Building/Essence- adds more luster, beauty, deep replenishment of reserves, aging, crisis, loss


Each selection includes 3 servings and comes in a beautiful lace pouch. 


-The Formulas-

Naughty & Nice, Cinnamon Spice

Yang Tonic

UP your yang with this blend of herbs used to strongly infuse the spice into your life! Symptoms such as fatigue, lumbar pain, infertility, irregular menstruation, low libido or hard to reach orgasms, lack of creative fire, cold sensations in lower abdomen or genitals, clear to white vaginal discharges, frequent urination, bladder, vaginal dragging sensation or prolapse, post-partum care.  

Tongue: may look pale, flabby and you tend to run cold

In Mint Condition

Yin Tonic

 Allow this very moistening blend of herbs to increase the "juice" of the vagina. Yin gives us the potent ability to attract what we want in life. Symptoms may include hot flashes, vaginal dryness with or without intercourse, sensations of heat in late afternoon or evenings, night sweats, sexual anxiety, lack of receptivity, compassion, possibly irritability, anger and lack of patience with creative pursuits and life in general.

Tongue: may be red, cracked, peeled (meaning there isn't much coating) 


Phoenix Rose

Blood Mover

This blend of herbs is used to move the blood in the reproductive area. Scar tissue from sexual abuse, trauma or injury, betrayal, painful menstruation, painful intercourse, uterine fibroids, irregular menstruation, spotting between periods, dark and clotted menstrual blood, lack of feeling, numbness of sensation with intercourse or intimacy that may bring painful memories. Become the lady phoenix that arises from her own ashes emerging more elegant, empowered and beautiful than she was before.

*This formula has strong blood moving properties and is not to be used during pregnancy, especially in the period before conception and the first trimester. My first time using a formula like this was when my period was really late and NOTHING else would work! Flow began two hours after steaming!

Tongue: may be purple, purplish hue or with dark purple spots and/or thick veins on the underside of tongue

Purrfectly Pleased

Fluid Congestion

Time to get clear and clean out the drainage ditch. This blend of herbs helps to metabolize stagnant fluid in the reproductive area, white vaginal discharge, uterine cysts, sluggish digestion, poor metabolism, fatigue after eating, feelings of cold, lack of clarity and security around romantic/sexual relationships, possible feelings of guilt from receiving pleasure or confusion over what one desires in life. This formula will give you the will to process through false perceptions and assumptions about your femininity and relationship to you own inner beloved.

Tongue: may be pale, with teeth marks on the sides, sticky and/or thick coating in the rear of tongue


Itch to Pleasure Hitch

Inflammation and Fluid Congestion

This is for a sticky icky situation. Heat and anger are festering in the reproductive area. Symptoms include irritability or anger especially at a lover, possible yellow or green foul smelling discharges that could or could not burn, itch, etc, sexually transmitted disease discharge like symptoms, infections. Helps to clear and clean out what is burning deep down inside.

Tongue: may be red with with yellow sticky coating in rear


Secret Chamber

Essence Replenishment

The creme de la creme when it comes to rich yoni love. Especially designed to build the blood, regulate hormones and the receptivity of the uterus. Great to use to regulate menstruation, for preconception or postpartum, and life transitions that have taken a toll on the physical resources of the body such as death, new love, break-ups, menopause, divorce, miscarriage.  

Tongue: may be pale, swollen, small in size and lacking in a “spirit”


Thank you so much for the taking the time to love yourself, your body, and femininity as a ritual pleasure.

All formulas have been created with love by Stephanie Pierre, Doctor of Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture physician.

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