Love Spell

Love Spell



“Every flower bears a starry imprint,” - illumined seer, Paracelsus

Fragrant botanical compositions based on your Venus sign, placement and planetary alignments! Housed in 50ml glass atomizer. 

Venus is the high courtesan of Love . Where your Venus resides shows us how we long to be loved, what we need to feel valued, what we value, how we attract and magnetize what our hearts truly desire. This corresponds to specific scents and botanicals. 

I will weave together the elements of your birth chart such as
your rising sign, moon sign, venus, sun etc.. into a gorgeous swirl
of scents marrying and harmonizing the unique essences of your
soul for radiant self expression and divine magnetism.

~Includes a copy of your natal zodiac chart and magical/therapeutic properties of essences used and their zodiacal correspondences

~100% pure botanical essences in organic perfumer's alcohol or organic jojoba oil.
~approximate return time 2-3 months.

*** “This is better than "!" LOL - Stephanie Blank

***“This was a love potion. My man can’t get enough of me.”- Angie Myers




Seduce Me

***You live or are visiting So Fla? There is the option of visiting my scent studio!

Your sensual adventure awaits….

Have a vision in mind for your olfactory masterpiece experience?  I would love to create a custom blend for your business, spa and/or brand. I also provide private labeling options & we can explore those sensual horizons. Since I'm such the astro-fiend we can also cast a chart for your biz and work with the stars to formulate your signature fragrance.

Please send me an email to so that we can further discuss your vision and needs.










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"Every so often you come across a practitioner that
stuns you with the power and beauty of their work.
If you need to reignite your feminine flame, heal
trauma and energetic wounds in your sacred sex, or
need a helping hand in learning how to dance again,
it's time to indulge in the Empress & Eros Boudoir
Shop. The custom Yoni steams and perfumes are

   Jacquelyn Tierney


"Stephanie Pierre is a fabulous and sassy perfume artist. The experience of having my perfume created was deliciously nurturing and enjoyable.  She asked me questions about my desires and passions, she looked at my astrological chart and then we had a sniffing session where I got to express my likes and dislikes.  My perfume is deliciously scented and powerful.  I use a tiny amount, especially when I want to be my most powerful and effective. "
Lourdes Starshower

I AM truly in love with my sensuous #livingInlove signature fragrance. The journey of co-creating it with you my beautiful sister was magickal. We ebbed and flowed so beautifully with what was the Guides of Living In Love were expressing through us. Your alchemical magic in action is a site to behold! I love you and am thrilled to have my first official Living In Love signature product. Floral magic! <3

-Elizabeth St. Germain