Aphrodite Awakening

Aphrodite Awakening

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A Venus Return Treasure Map ...

MP3 recording & report

Venusify Me!

So, you wanna take your juiciness up a notch? Just ask Venus!

Aphrodite aka Venus, Ishtar, Inanna, Freya is the goddess of love, sex, beauty, art, fertility, $$, creativity, and renewal. She is the morning & evening star, the brightest glimmering celestial body that we wish upon in hopes of our hearts deepest desires coming true. 

Knowing how to adore your Venus automatically syncs you into getting more of what you love outta life.

This is the real jackpot, honey pot, sex pot tour guide.


It's time to invoke your Venus.

The astrological Venus travels in the heavens and returns approximately every 9-18 months to the exact same position she was on the day of your birth.

Unlock the secrets of your own personal Venusian birthday!

Just like in the body, the  “venous return” is the blood flow back to the heart.  IN ESSENCE the goddess within you is reawakening and reigniting for her next journey and SHE has a message that is the KEY for you to enter into a new portal of more joy and rhapsody this time around. Life is cyclical. Understanding and illuminating these mysteries is all part of the fun!

Venus = Key to your heart

Venus Return= The birthday of your heart

The Venus Return chart is your own personal Venusian treasure map.

  • The more you invest into yourself the more attractive you become.
  • This map provides you with the best tips on where, how and why you can most profitably invest into YOU this year for a maximum return.


She knows the best styles, moves and mask to auspiciously rock it out this year.

We each have a very unique flavor of what turns us on. This rush of the heart serves as our navigational mantra to heed the voice of our empress and sovereignty. Our Venus sign shows us the main costume we wear as goddess, every year our Venus position changes as we evolve on our spiritual path of self discovery and love. Knowing your "Venus Return Costume" empowers you to continue blooming into the richest and truest expression of your divine beauty.

*Discover the colors, gems, fragrances that makes you more desirable to the object of your affections.

*Touch deeply into your heart & become irresistibly attractive to others; magnetize more love, $$, mating/dating, soulful relationships and creative opportunities!

*Create more ease in your life, in relationships as well as joy, passion and intimacy.

What You Get:

 * I will cast your Venus Return Chart, as well as look into your Solar Return (the chart of your most recent birthday) and Natal Chart (the chart of your birth) for clues and themes of your Venus. Also used will be your very special and not often used Venus Star points which reveal our hidden reservoirs of Venusian healing and juju. 

*I will interpret the astrological language (the language of the stars) and record the reading in MP3 format and deliver to you via email.

*I will also provide a written report that you can use as a guide to auspiciously working your Venus like the love-star you are!---

****Also if you would love a custom Venus perfume based on these findings, we can add that on for you too! 10ml of your choice of alcohol or jojoba.

Report is complete with all the magical moxie you know I bring for your fashionable makeover inside and out, body, mind, and soul---Just WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!--You know I'm a licensed health professional right?!

Adorn yourself and magnetize more love and sensual magic in 2018!

Find out what is keeping you from living and loving like the goddess you really are!