Rock Star Elixirs

Rock Star Elixirs


Cosmically crafted, intention-infused potions to elevate and consecrate your every day.

Mood: intuitive, psychic, tuned in and turned on

Rock star elixirs are a combination of flower essences, gemstone and starlight elixirs (light of the fixed star constellations captured through a telescope and quartz crystal), and aromatherapy botanical perfume that are synergized, attuned, and blessed with your intention along with divine harmonies of sound sung by me for your soul’s divine design. They are custom formulated to your unique astrological chart.


Affinity: Rockstar Elixirs are highly recommended for healers, artists, musicians, metaphysicians and those that work with the subtle influences and find themselves to be highly sensitive, perceptive, intuitive, psychic and/or empathic.

Magickal + Ritual uses: Consistent and intentional use throughout the day and especially before entering the dream-state works to cleanse and purify the energy field surrounding the physical body, gently unraveling the embedded false programming of emotional experiences, traumas, energetic attachments we might pick up throughout the day or have clung to since childhood.


Therapeutic Properties: Increased clarity of mind, peace, authenticity and freedom from external influences. Boundaries in a bottle.


Elixirs are consciously bottled IN 50ML MIRON VIOLET FLAME GLASS

Dosage/instructions: Set your intention, and spray the mist completely around your entire body and energy field, breathing deeply the enchanting aromas of purification.


These elixirs have been formulated by a Chinese Medicine doctor/acupuncture physician with your most vibrant health in mind to be used as vitality tonics.


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