#Saturnismymainsqueeze Invocation

#Saturnismymainsqueeze Invocation


This musical track was created while Saturn resides in Capricorn, in the hour of Saturn and on his Day Saturday. The format is HD audio and designed to be listened to WITH HEADPHONES from start to finish in order to receive the full magical benefits.

This may be used in conjunction with any ritual, petition, meditation or magical conjuring you have for Longevity, Wisdom, Occult Magic, Discipline, Establishing & Enforcing Borders/Boundaries, Protection, Mastery, Alignment, gaining favor with those in authority, career/reputation advancement, real estate, & bringing strength and resilience to the stomach, spleen (organs of the Earth element/digestion), the bones, adrenal glands and spinal vertebrae.

Magic is the highest science whereby you align yourself with Nature. In doing so, You maximize the cards you were dealt, honor Karma which is the Law of Love.

If you'd like to sing along the Vedic Mantra is


This carries the seed sounds (energetic vibrations) of the planet Saturn. This is best performed on Saturday (Saturn’s Day) or Tuesday evenings during sunset (Night of Saturn.) 

The orphic hymn to Kronos may be found here. (Saturn)

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