Savage Glam Catwalk

Savage Glam Catwalk

from 200.00

DO you feel like you are in need up a system upgrade?

You were born to shine Starlet!!

This package is all about getting your Feminine Flame turned on.

The FIRE element is a creative genius, dazzling, golden, brazen and rapturous. With this galactic make-up, Now IS the opportune time to step into the spotlight. You may have felt like “when will it be my time?” Well, that time is now. You literally have stellar backing here, my vixen and an adventuress faces her fears head on!

You were born to gleam through the magical forest of life, growing all around and within you.

You are the Queen of the Jungle.

Why Mars?!

Because Mars is the hardrive of your vehicle to greatness Buttercup!

Mars is how you get from point A to point B. It’s your secret weapon just waiting to be unleashed.

So, if you wanna do Venus (the pleasure principle)….. let’s get real here….. who doesn’t?

You gotta tap into Mars too. It’s just the best way to work this love tango.

This Journey is for you if:

*You struggle with balancing play, pleasure, freedom and alone time with the

responsibilities of family, children and partners.

*You have concerns about your Legacy, aka leaving your mark on the world.

* You feel like you have nothing to show for all your efforts.

*Fatigue, laziness, or sleep disorders plague your existence like an annoying pest.

*You need a romance reinvention & a wild sex extravaganza

*Shyness, fears of showing up, stepping into the spotlight, being present, or receiving

accolades fill the back of your mind with dark thoughts.

*You’re a closet artist and crave more creativity in your day to day existence.

*You may not like to admit it, but suppressed anger, frustration, are hiding in your broom


*You struggle with creative/sexual embarrassment or shame.

*You feel disempowered when it comes to raising children and/or fertility.

*You continually struggle to experience real joy & radiance in your life.

*Codependent behavior has been the theme song of your life.

*You feel like you can’t follow through on your commitments, especially to yourself, or are

always late and it’s not fashionable.

What are the benefits of this New Mission you will be embarking


~Master your skills of intuition & manifestation

~Learn to pounce on opportunities like that feline you

truly are

~Feel great and love your body, sex, and feminine flair

~Have more energy & radiance

~Live life more poetically

~Have a beauty routine that is clean, eco-friendly &

unique to you

~Contribute & engage with the artistic & cultural world

The Intuitive is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a

society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

-Albert Einstein

4-Part Journey Summary

Options are available a la cart or as packages  *Payment plans available

1. Opening Theme - Magical Seeds of Intention $250

2. The Royal Ritual - Soul Glam Goddess Invocations Kit $397

3. Follow Up - Midpoint Check In $200

4. VIP Sophisticato Grooming Package $397

The 4-Part Journey

Step into the limelight, diva.”

Part 1

Opening Scene-

Magical Seeds of Intention


You will receive an Astrological Journey* of your Mars placement natally by sign, house,

& aspect. We will also discover where the Sun & Mars joined in your birth story, further

illuminating the seed of your spirit’s intention. We will clarify and position what your

greatest strengths and assets are, as well as hidden sources of mojo.

We will further explore where this Mars cycle is lighting up your chart for 2018, as

well as all significant parts of your journey to fully embrace the limelight.

(Destiny points & Eclipses of 2018 will also be highlighted)

This is 1:1 Time. 60mins.

Just me & you breaking it all down like it’s 1992!

*Recorded and complete with a written report.

*All the highlights, need to knows, & cultural artistic inspiration. So you don't just have

information, you have crystal clear actionable steps to take along with you all within a

structured timeline. BAM!

*Comes with 1 month of unlimited concierge text/email support following session so that

you feel fully supported and confident in implementing your game, every glam day, your


Part 1 = $250

Part 2

The Royal Ritual Kit

Soul Glam Goddess Invocations

Conduct your very own Sacred Ritual to the Leonine Deities within you, drawing upon

your gilded & golden honeyed sex pot powers of the divine feminine for more play,

confidence, and slay.

What you get:

3 Minxy Goddess Archetypes & how they apply to you personally

3 Fierce Animal Totems

3 Eau De Cosmos Elixir Perfumes 10ml

(Astrological Botanical Aroma-therapeutic Perfume)

1 Botanical Elixir

Botanical Wand 

Part 2 = $397

Part 3

On your Way; Midpoint Check-In!

Where the real challenge awaits-

Risking it all

This vital check-in point offers a Re-evaluation* of your progress, concerns, healings, and

projection to stay on the path to becoming the Starlet Bad-Ass you’re meant to be.

Because, I’m here for you. I’m in your corner.

You’ve got this!

I’m your extra set of eyes, ears. Whatever you aren't seeing, feeling, or connecting the dots

to, I am.

Lets’ do this!

*Includes Concierge Email & Text Support for 1 month

Part 3 = $200

Part 4


Sophisticato Grooming

If you’re sad add more lipstick and attack. ~ Coco Chanel

A bespoke, one-of-a-kind Health & Beauty Self-Care Ritual Program.*

What you get:

1 aura/bed linen mist

1 botanical perfume

1 flower/gem essence

1 facial elixir

1 body oil

1 herbal chocolate adaptogenic formula

All with a focus on beauty & performance from the inside out. Hand tailored specifically

for you!

The process begins with a seriously detailed questionnaire, followed by a phone call/zoom

session, or in-person visit. You will leave with a prescription akin to a “to-do” list. But

unlike other to-do lists, this one will actually get you off and takes place before all the

goodies arrive.

But, who is this sparkling rich VIP package for?

Boho-crystal-essential oil-astro-fiends, yogis, health/beauty mysteries, weight loss-skin

emergencies, revenge makeovers, heartbreaks or green beauty product junkies who have

blown entire paychecks on shopping sprees without the results to show for it. Trust me,

this Part is totally worth it!

*Your health & beauty regime products will be based upon exactly what you want and

need most, with a little consulting of the stars and tarot, of course! Everything comes with

detailed instructions, spell work, and invocation to apropos goddesses/deities, as well as

how and when to use them and why.

Part 4 = $397

Part 1-4 = $1244

*Minus Magical Discount for full journey!

Total = $1097


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