Sekmet: Egyptian Spitfire Goddess Perfume

Sekmet: Egyptian Spitfire Goddess Perfume

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Her breath itself formed the deserts whilst fire blazes in her blood lust eyes. She is a royal & mighty protectress and huntress. Lion headed and donning a golden sundisk upon her head, she also is gifted in healing and rules over warfare, avenging wrongs, purification thru fire and menstruation.

Inspired by a luscious leo client, my latest botanical potion is brewing...

Behold Sekmet. First of her name. 
She enters your presence adorned with Egyptian neroli & blood oranges laced with saffron, opening into a heart of orange flower, ylang, and spiced clove buds.
Trailing beyond her fierce yet graceful steps linger blonde tobacco, tarragon and the scorched breath of the desert. 
Samples available for purchase come with a mini reading of where Sekmet lurks in your star chart.  


Currently sold out although taking pre-orders to be dispensed in April! 

I am Goddess, Hear Me Roar.