Star of Isis Talismanic Candle

Star of Isis Talismanic Candle


Sultry Venus sea born candles to
Mesmerize & Sparkle 
Shine bright like a diamond encapsulated in planetary magic candles!

Made of 100% pure natural materials of golden beeswax, perfumed with the rich fragrance of orchid blossom (the only orchid with a scent), pink Champaca, Sandalwood, cardamom (fire of Venus) geranium, apple cider, dusted with jewels sacred to her: emeralds, gorgeous star pearls, and genuine copper leaf. 

There were 3 separate rituals used in the creation of these candles to capture as much radiance building light as possible since her(Venus) retrograde in Scorpio. 

The first was her direct station on fixed star Spica, the second during a full moon, on Venus Day & the Midheaven (MEGA WATTAGE OPTICS) and the third and final day was this past Friday. This was her last day in Libra (this cycle around the Sun) where she is ultra strong (it's her home sign) and on her day of maximum brilliance; my intension being to capture the visible element of F I R E - which will promote your gifts and beauty BEING SEEN 🌟 #shinefactor , especially by you thereby increasing feelings of self worth & confidence and joy.

Because Venus was powerfully strong in her home mansion of Libra and conjunct a very special fixed Spica, these offerings are even MORE LASTING and with a particular emphasis on connecting to you to your own wealth thereby to the wealth of others, and the gifts of agriculture & body nourishment as Spica holds the shaft of wheat as the Goddess in the Virgo Constellation.

What’s it all good for?

Sharing your gifts with the world!
Affirming material abundance 
+ Mega Venus resonances- Glamour Magic, Creativity, Love, Eros, Allure, Pleasure, Sensuality, Sexuality, Happiness, Money, Relationships, Beauty, Friendships, Home & Connection

Star of Isis Talismanic Candle conjurations included tarot & oracle readings at 3 stages of magical operation each with their own astrological election. 


9 of cups

Meaning- (my translation taken from

WISH FULFILLMENT (Venus is the star you wish on)
Whatever wish you have is currently being granted and your dream will come true. Satisfaction & enjoying sensual pleasure, making love, art, experiencing beauty, lovely meals, and enjoying physical exertion are all yours. 

Venus with Cherubs
taken from Myths & Mermaids Oracle Deck

Whether you are single or coupled True Love is yours. If you are currently in a relationship expect for your relationship to deepen in Love and if you are single, Love is on the way.
Believe & Receive.

King of Hearts (Cups)

In a reading suggests this mans presence is or will be in your life, or could be you. A man that knows Love is the greatest power in the Universe, possessing great sexual charisma, compassion, devotion & wisdom.

Queen of Hearts (Cups)

In a reading suggests this woman’s presence is or will be in your life; or could be you. She brings tender love and affection, intuition, a mother, pregnancy, psychic and spiritual nurturance, unconditional love.

You just can’t make this stuff up honeys!

Candles are 2 oz and slow burn for approx 17 hrs.


Touch deeply your heart, by getting the HD Venus Sound Healing Track here!

This music may be used in conjunction with any ritual, petition, meditation or magical conjuring you have for Love, Romance, Wealth, Family Peace, Pleasure as well to bring gentle healing to your heart & sexual/reproductive organs.

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