Clients' Love Notes

Stephanie Pierre is my incredible acupuncturist who I've been blessed to see on a weekly basis. My sessions with her have been transforming my life, my heart and my soul. It's truly incredible the light we can harness within ourselves when simply given the right tools and showed the path. It's amazing how much I've healed and how much I've grown with each and every session! If your curious about trying acupuncture, please contact Stephanie, she goes above and beyond and gives an experience like no other! And tonight I left with some of her custom made perfumes that are EXQUISITE!!! 😍🌺 Along with her many healing gifts she also shares what's going on within the stars and how it may be affecting you-tips for self care and how to harness your true essence. Give her a follow on Facebook & Instagram to see what magic she unfolds next!


Melody Tunks Yogi, Artist, Healing Henna

I met Stephanie when I went for acupuncture treatment. One touch and I could feel the magical healing energy. I was too sensitive for the needles so we switched to acupressure. After a session, I went to California and did an aura reading that showed the success of the acupressure session. 2 years later, I have discovered how many other magical sides she has.

Recently I tried her scents. I left them in the corner of my bathroom because off of my skin they smelled a bit like a new age store. Then I decided before I dismiss them as generic, I should just try. Well I tried, and I was shocked. The smells on my skin are the most gorgeous smells I have ever smelled. I can't be without them on me, I shower and I have to put one on again. Each one truly evokes a different part of you that you forget you have or a part of you that you haven't met yet. The skill that she innately has to create this magic, combined with the astrological knowledge, and creative mind, is outstanding. I now have 5 scents that I use for whichever part of me I choose to bring forth.


Jessica Mushlin- Clairvoyant

Only the best to say about Stephanie and her creations. I am living overseas and asked Stephanie if she could create a blend for myself and for my boyfriend. I was in a time crunch to get it, and she totally accommodated my time and get the products to me way before I needed them. 

Both of the elixirs are customized based on our astrological charts (in depth) and I also told her the scents I enjoyed and the things I needed to balance my life away from home. Her sprays are nothing but MAGIC. She created a slice of heaven for my body, home, and soul. I want to consume the elixir with my entire being. Thank you so much Stephanie for creating such beautiful, sensitive scents.


Sarah Schiff- Ayurvedic Practitioner