Astro- Health: Liver Checkin

When the Liver is in a state of health, we have the capacity to set goals, be ambitious, set boundaries, have intimacy, AND we can also yield, bend, and adapt to set backs, heal, re strategize when met with obstacles and changes to plans. 

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Bad Boy Mars

Mars can get such a bad rap, the planet of lust, heat, passion, willpower and guts. He is traditionally attributed as the God of War after all (think Khal Drogo.)

The other malefic Saturn, doesn't get much praise either. And yet we are in a Mars Retrograde cycle, which means that our solar plexus, will center is being purified. 

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Acupuncture a cure for chaos?

Chaos isn't something you can escape. We surrender again and again, and resolve what needs to be resolved within and without us. Just left the beach and the lady next to us at the showers went into seizure and was vomiting and going incoherent.

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Love & Time Heals all wounds

Hello LovaLovas! So Venus our love goddess has risen as morning star. If you get up early you can check her in the wee hours in the east rising before the Sun. The eastern direction is one of new beginnings, individuality, growth and belonging to oneself first. 
Venus is also swimming into the very last degrees of the zodiac in Pisces. She is in a somewhat challenging aspect to Saturn. .....

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The Magic of Flowers

The sun will always shine again. I have been waiting for there to be no clouds in the sky so that I could create bleeding heart flower essences. You need to have clear skies for at least 4 hours and these beauties which are growing wild in my garden are here for me to play!!! On my walk home from the gym...

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