Leo Full Moon "Mane" taining your Power

Happy full moon my gorgeous gods & goddeses!!!

On such a glorious evening I write to you hoping that you are spending time doing what YOU love to do!!! You deserve it!

This is a beautiful and magical weekend to spend time with children, your inner child, and have FUN---whatever that means for you personally. You may have noticed a more otherworldly vibe with Neptunian dreams, music and soulful seeing. The veils have been thin...great artists passing over and a lot of healing in places that were once deep wounds.

This has been quite the Mercury retro season (this whole beginning of January.) So many twists and turns through the deep dark world of the mind in search of precious gems hidden deep in the psyche for us to only bring to the light, create something new and

"shine bright like a diamond."

If you haven't gotten to this point yet and are still wafting through the muck, take a moment to


Pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you have undoubtedly done thus far (the keynote of a Capricorn New Moon) and remember that is how diamonds are made after all! Incredible amounts of pressure upon a piece of black coal for a long time and BOOM!!! There you have it. A glimmering & exquisite piece of dynamite beauty.


Now ask yourself these questions

What brings me the deepest joy & pleasure in life?

How do I re-balance myself after times of intense struggle?

How do I hide my fiercest power? and where? and why?

***If you want to do a special ritual for this FULL MOON in LEO or this is bringing out some STUFF---here are some suggestions.

1. Leo rules the heart

Cardio cardio cardio
Especially the kind that gets your heart pounding with JOY!
Examples: dancing, lovemaking, playing and running around with children

2. Leo rules the hair

Give your mane some extra attention; go and get your hair professionally washed, cut, styled etc...or get something special to adorn your hair like perfume, a braid, and MAKE IT BIG.
Also for hair health:

Hair is lush when your blood is plentiful, and iron rich
A simple cocktail:
Liquid chlorophyll or nettles
Vitamin C

3. Scalp massage and hair oils daily for a month

Rosemary, lavender, birch essential oil drops into shampoo daily

4. Leo rules the spinal column

Yoga that focuses on elongating and twisting the spine

Raindrop Treatment: An innovative blend of aromatherapy, native american body work techniques that focuses upon “dropping” essential oil along the spinal column (it feels like raindrops) to powerfully boost the immune system and align the spine.

Chiropractic and or massage that focuses upon the vertebrae

5. Leo rules the waist line

Accentuate and accessorize with fashion belts, belly bling, extra crunches, ab work etc.


6. High cortisol levels from stress will cause belly weight


Anything you can do reduce cortisol levels....
Yoga, acupuncture, meditation, massage, oxytoxin balances cortisol ( think orgasms and nipple stimulation) etc


6. Get some fire burning!

Do some candle meditation and stare into the flame watching the dance and flicker and flow. See how you can infuse more or less of this element into your life (where do you need to rebalance?)

ENJOY my beauties. I'm off to be with my kiddos and lover, and maybe do a lil open mic.

Oh and I'm running some sales in the Empress & Eros Boudoir Shop.

BIG BIG BIG LOVE to YOU! xoxoxo & shimmering stardust,