Temple "Haute & Cosmic" Botanical Perfume Giveaway



In honor of NEPTUNE direct I'm offering a fab giveaway. I have been refining this lovely Virgo perfume. Here is the description:


Virgo/Vesta themed botanical perfume that inspires the goddess within seeking a path of service to the divine and stoking the internal flame of passion that purifies all negative thought forms. This in turn fuels the physical body, calms the worrying mind and brings peace and pristine satisfaction of a job well done.


skillz, magickal craft, health guru, throat chakra, genius, editor in chief, discernment, angelic, practical, centered, wholistic, commune, streamline, muse


Main Notes:

Tahitian Tiare (Gardenia)





I currently have two modifications. I am wanting willing perfume samplers IE my highly attuned VIRGOS out there with either VIRGO SUN, VIRGO MOON, VIRGO ASCENDENT, or Venus in VIRGO to sample both of my mods and give me their preference and or feedback. The first 7 "VIRGINS" that contact me will be supplied. The deal is you must enter your deets into my Goddess Whispers, my monthly love letter. In exchange you get two perfume samples and if you LOVE I will offer you a discount on the full size version upon completion of formula in January 2016 when the Sun in Capricorn will trine Jupiter in Virgo! Delish. Just enter in the message area "I wanna be a perfume sampler!" with your birth data. If you aren't sure if you have Virgo moon, rising, etc, but think you might as you are attracted to the above description and/or perfume notes you can still enter you birth data (date, location, exact time) and I will check for you and send you a comp. birth chart:)

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Check out my Pinterest page Temple Virgin for more visual details.

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