As promised the Temple Virgin Haute & Cosmic Botanical Perfume formula has been completed! A BIG thank you to all my Virgos out there that contributed to the sample giveaway project,  tested and gave feedback on the fragrance. What would I do without your fabulous noses of refinement?!

The responses I received were very interesting indeed. Most everyone liked both mods and some of you even said that they didn't like the first mod but, then liked it later! I experimented some more and decided to combine the mods into one which created a very well rounded bouquet.

I am offering a special discount of $10 off the 10ml size perfume to those of you that contributed to the project with feedback on the scents. 

I am so excited as now I have a few custom perfumes for clients completed and I can add testimonials about those! My newest fragrance being gestated will also be ready this year. Quite primal and unpredictable she is so, more on that soon! I've had quite the experience meeting & entertaining her, shadow work and all. She is worth every bit.

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